Jai Mata Di | Durga Puja | Guwahati | 2018 | Digital Infotainment

Hi everyone! 

Hope you all had a swell weekend 😄. So this is my 4th vlog, and like I said in my previous one. In this, we are gonna explore some of the puja pandals in and around Guwahati.  It was really an awesome experience, roaming around the streets of GHY(Guwahati), seeing peoples enthusiasm and level of excitement really uplifted our spirits. They could be seen walking down the streets past 3 midnight, which was quiet a surprise. We visited several sites including Latasil, Maligaon, Kahilipara, Lal Ganesh, Bishnupur and more. Due to limitations were only able to travel so far. But hope to extend our reach further, next year. Lastly don't forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel. 😄

With Best Wish'es,
The Digital Infotainment Team.


  1. Next one should be in Silchar, and after that, London! 😁

    1. Thank You.. We Hope of expanding our reach in future! 😄