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Often Questionable.

By Monisha Das.

Monalisa Di: “Hi! How are you?”.

Me: “Hello Di! You here, am good”.

Monalisha Di: “Yes, had some work. So, what major are you in?”.

Me: “Psychology”.

Monalisha Di: “Whoa! So you can tell me everything by looking at my face, right? Tell me what am I thinking right now?”.

Me smiling with no answer in return.

Well, what else would you even expect me to say, at that very moment other than just smile for no apparent reason whatsoever. Not do just one or two people ask me or my friends, but often everyone does, when they hear about what background I am from. Only a psychology student can understand the reason for my uncanny smile.

Being a candidate of psychology. I would like to clear up one thing that most people have a misconception of. Human beings have not got the super natural powers yet, to determine and say what the other person is thinking without his/her knowledge or without communicating with the individual directly. Studying psychology does not mean that! It means a lot, from different perspectives. Psychology has many different motives other than the misconception of revealing things on spot without any knowledge of the individual. In fact, the thing is every human being can study people after observing the person’s behaviour(pattern). The type of words or sentences the person speaks, which is linked to how optimistic he or she is towards the perspective etc.
The word psychology is derived from the Greek word ‘roots’ meaning study of the psyche, or soul and ‘logia’(logy) meaning ‘study of’ or ‘research’. Psychology which is the study of behaviour and mind, embracing all aspects of the conscious and unconscious experience as well as thought as an academic discipline and social science which seeks to understand the individuals and groups by establishing general principles and research specific people, on the other hand, often misunderstood the concept of reading mind, omitting the behavioural part that comes former and links up with the mind and they end up thinking it is the look at the face and things only.

Though through observation during conversation, one can identify the mood, personality, following the body language as an indicating factor of how truthful the other person is being, able to focus, become attentive on a particular task. One important thing is to understand people’s moods, depends upon the body language, how the other person shows; whether the particular person has a ‘Closed hand posture’ or a ‘Open hand posture’, backward or forward body posture and so on.

Psychology is a science like physics, chemistry or biology, because they all employ the scientific method. Scientist employ a certain philosophy towards the entire issue of learning about nature. In fact, this philosophy starts with the way scientists try to conceptuate nature”.

Statistically speaking, Psychology has no exact value in return, unlike Physics, measuring human behaviour isn’t really as easy as measuring the speed of light. Most behaviours are assumed, predictable according to the environment in which the study is conducted, during measurement of human behaviour, rather than extracting and identifying a specific human behaviour in one person and generalising it as an outcome regarding to a situation for all different individuals; in Psychology, it is very important that there are individual differences and therefore people exist with different personalities. There are two personalities, although there are three to be counted:

1.    Introvert: Introvert personality consist of traits like timid, less confident towards public speaking, calm.

2.  Extrovert: Extrovert personality refers to the traits like open minded, confident and expressive nature.

3.  Ambivert: Ambivert personality in other words, include both introvert and extrovert personalities. This means people are introvert and extrovert, referring to different situations faced in life.

Well in my case, to be frank, I am an Ambivert personality, for which I find dealing with situations according to the need of being quiet in one and become exposed on the other hand in nature.
In my opinion, it isn’t a big deal, if we possess both the personalities, being an Ambivert myself. It helps to handle situations intellectually, regarding different environments rather than only one for self, during self-realization and working on a particular thing effectively. Furthermore, keeping aside the ego thing for a while to learn things in life, evaluate and express in nature.

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