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The Dearly Departed.

By Jay Krishna.

The time was 12:45. The announcement on the speaker "The last train heading towards Pune. "The Kolkata-Pune express is leaving from platform number 7 in a few minutes". Radhika rushes towards the platform, She held a travellers bag and her breath was puffing, she was shouting "Wait ! Wait for me...Please". But despite her efforts. The moment she'd reached the platform, the train had already left. She stooped down in dismay, having no other option, she went to the enquiry to ask about the next train. The staff replied that the next train will arrive only at 3 a.m. Hearing this she sighed. She walked back to the platform and sat down on a bench and began patting her face with her dupatta (scarf). She took out her phone and called her mother. "Maa, I missed the train, but don't worry I have booked a ticket for the next one and will be on my way soon, by the way my phone's low on charge so don't worry, I will call you once I've boarded". Saying this she  switched off her phone and kept it in her bag. As she lay sit, one by one people started to leave the station. The T.T was doing his timely stroll and found her sitting on the bench. He asked her if she would like to wait in the office, but she declined the offer saying she would be fine. After some time there was no-one to be seen. A few beggars were playing cards on the other side of the track. she looked at them and noticed one of them staring at her. She covered herself with a shawl and shifted her view. Her throat became dry she looked around but found all the shops to be closed. She was praying that the night goes out smoothly, when someone patted her back. She was startled and looked around to find her friend Vikrant standing behind her. He gave her a grinned smile and handed her a bottle of water. She took the bottle and asked what he was doing here? To which Vikrant replied "I wanted to see you, but if you're not happy, I will leave". He turned around and was about to leave when Radhika said "Why are you leaving, did I say I was unhappy, you're so short tempered Vikrant". She held his hand and made him sit beside her. She opened the bottle and started drinking the water, Vikrant looked at her and then started to stare at the floor. After quenching her thirst Radhika put down the bottle and asked what he was doing here at this late our hour of the night. Vikrant didn't utter a word. Radhika didn't pay much heed and said it was fine if he didn't want to tell. Vikrant looked at her and said "Radhika what do you think about me?", Radhika didn't understand what he was trying to say by this and asked what he meant. Vikrant said "Radhika, there was something I wanted to say to you for a very long time but didn't know how", taking a few seconds of silence he said "I Love You Radhika", hearing this Radhika was dumb struck, she couldn't believe her ears. It was as if she was on cloud 9. There was no-one there but them. It was the moment Radhika was waiting for so long. Without a seconds hesitation Radhika hugged him. Vikrant also embraced her. Both of them kept holding each other the next few minutes. Vikrant lifted her face, their eyes met and they kissed. During the remainder of the night, they talked about the days they spent in college, about their college friends and the fun times they shared. Radhika held his hand and found it to be really cold, she covered him with her shawl. She leaned her head on his shoulder and felt peace. Just then the train whistled at a distance. The train had arrived on time, she told Vikrant that she is going to check her ticket for confirmation and asked him to wait. She went to the railway office and met the T.T sitting in his chair. She handed him the ticket, the T.T said "It must have been really boring to sit there alone, all this while", Radhika replied "It was nothing like that, my friend was accompanying me all this time". The T.T said, "It's good to hear that you had company, but you better board the train soon , it's going to leave in 5 minutes.", Saying this the T.T. When she returned back, Vikrant was not there, she looked around but couldn't find him anywhere. The train whistled and the engine began to roll. She boarded the train and began to look in the compartment, but it was no use, Vikrant was nowhere to be seen. She took her seat. She kept looking outside. After a while the train left the station and the background was surrounded by greenery. Radhika was sad, as well as puzzled as to why he had left all of sudden, and that too even without saying "Good Bye". She took out her phone from her bag, switched it on and called her mother.

Radhika: "Hello Maa, I boarded the train okay, I will be reaching Pune tomorrow evening".

Maa: "That's good to hear dear".

Radhika noticed that her mother was not sounding her usual self and asked her what happened. Little did she know, that her mother was going to give her the most shocking news of her life.

Maa: "I'm sorry to say this dear, you remember Vikrant? Your friend from college. He met with an terrible accident and passed away today".

The moment she heard this Radhika became numb. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. How can a person who she had met, a while ago, be dead. Radhika asked what she was saying. The sound of people crying could be heard over the phone.

Maa: "We are in the hospital right now. I will call you back, okay sweetie, take care". Saying this her mother disconnected the call.

Thousands of thoughts began gathering in Radhika's mind. Visions of her meeting with Vikrant, kept flashing in front of her eyes. Just then her phone beeped, she noticed that she had received a text message. She opened it and found it to be Vikrant.

Dear Radhika,

I know that u r leaving 4 your parents 2day, and I don't know whether this is the right time or place 2 say this but, I luv u Radhika. Ever since the day I first saw u, I fell in love with u. I don't know how you'd react, or whether u feel the same, but the time we spent together were the most happiest moments of my life, and I want to spend the rest, only with u. Please think it over. Eagerly waiting 4 ur reply, Vikrant.

She viewed the time the message was received and found it to be 12:59.

"In this journey of life, we meet many people. Some we don't even know, some we meet for a moment, get to know and become good friends, and some who we deeply cherish. It is the soul that connects two people. The love between them, which is eternal".


The story reflects the author's inner emotions about relationships these days. It is a metaphorical tale which reflects the current trend of on-and-off relationships among st the youth of the present. If you found this story to be entertaining or useful, then please LIKE the post and share, it is your encouragement that keeps us going :). If you want the author to write more such stories then please leave a comment below and let us know.

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