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Hey guys, its going to be almost a month now since I purchased the MacBook Pro 13 inch 2017, and as I promised, here is a comprehensive review of the new MacBook Pro 13 inch 2017 from Apple. Im just going to mention the things that I liked and didn't like about the device. As the specs and rest of the details I had mentioned in my earlier review.

1. Memory: As I am a first time apple user, some of the concepts of how Apple manages and utilises its memory(Both RAM and HDD) was new to me. And this is the part that I found quite annoying about the device. The HDD of the comp is divided in sections(System,Applications,Media,Others and Purgeable), and it is this purgeable concept that keeps getting in my way. The files which are loaded into the machine are not deleted even after you remove them from the trash can. It stays in a special memory location which is inaccessible to the user. moreover Mac OS stores a lot of the stuff you do as caches in the memory, which in the long run consumes a lot of the computers memory. and this can get frustrating as apple limits the memory capacity of your device by the model your choosing, and the max storage capacity which u can get for the device is also 512 gigs.

2. The OS, Being a long time windows user, using Mac OS is really very intuitive. But on the contrary, it has some drawbacks of its own. I will list some of them for you which I experienced myself.

a. Boot up time.: Although the new MacBook Pros come with the fastest SSD money can buy. The boot-up time from my experience is a little slower compared to a windows 10 PC of similar spec.

b. No option to install the OS manually. And this is a hard one. If you want to hard reset your device, you first need to create a backup of your device and then do a hard reset by going into the bios. After which the OS is installed by connecting your device to the internet. And if you have a slow net connection like I do. Believe me it takes like forever. When I formatted my device, I was not able to install the OS even after trying for more than 10 times. The end of which I went to the Apple service centre and got it done. Mac OS installation is free of charge, there are some service centre that try to cheat customers by charging a hefty amount, so beware.

Happy Diwali | Festival Of Lights | 2017 | Digital Infotainment

Diwali is a magical time to celebrate with ones you love. This Diwali may you get to create special memories with them. We here at Digital Infotainment wish everyone a very Happy and Safe Diwali!! 😄
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MacBook Pro 2017 | Intel Kabylake | Apple | 2017

Hi Everyone!

This is Jay here and this is my review of the new MacBook Pro 2017 from Apple. This is the first time I am using a laptop aka an ultrabook from Apple, apart from my late MacBook Air 2015, which had a 5th generation intel core i5 CPU coupled with 8gb of LPDDR3 RAM clocked at 1600Mhz and a 128 GB SSD. I have been a Windows user my whole life, and now have finally decided to make the switch, as I believe with the new hardware and software upgrades that Apple has offered, its a good start. So besides the past lets talk about the new MacBook Pro 2017 in all its glory. The new MacBook Pro is powered by the latest Intel core i5 7th generation(Kabylake) CPU with 8GB of LPDDR3 RAM clocked at 2133 MHz with a Apple proprietary SSD. The one I got was the base line model without the touch-bar, as I felt its nothing more than a gimmick rather then providing actual functionality. Performance wise its whats you'd expect, The laptop can handle daily task like a breeze with zero to no lag whatsoever. The 2560x1600 IPS LCD Retina display is a charm to look at, and while watching Netflix for a few hours I faced no issues and it was a pleasant experience. The screen is bright, vivid with the right amount of contrast and saturation. It gets extremely bright outdoors and you feel no fatigue. And it comes in space-grey. 😉

So to sum things up here are some of the pros and cons that I have found with the new MacBook Pro 2017 which I thought you might like to have a look:


1. Best build in its class. There are a plenty of good machines out there, and believe me when I say this, that the new MacBook Pro beats them all, hands down. The love for detail that has gone in making this machine is absolutely fantastic. You won't find anything that looks misplaced or out-right in any of the machinery. 

2. The screen, and man oh man is it great, I have used a lot of windows laptops and till date haven't come across a screen as gorgeous as the new MacBook Pro.

3. The keyboard, and this maybe subjective, as for me I feel the new keyboards is a breeze to type on, the large and shallow keys are easy to reach and the backlighting makes typing in the dark a joy to behold.

Apple iMac 2017 Unboxing | Apple | India | Mac OS | 2017 | Digital Infot...

Hi Everyone! 

Welcome to this very special unboxing of the new iMac from Apple. The iMac lineup from Apple was revamped this year 2017 with new Kabylake processors and new hardware. This is the very first unboxing video from the house Digital Infotainment. For a more in depth review do leave a comment in the comment section below. We hope you all enjoy this unboxing. :)

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'Stop Before Its Too Late' by Jay Krishna | Short Film | 2017 | Digital Infotainment

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So it's finally here.. Watch our brand new short film 'Stop Before Its Too Late' starring veteran actor Nilim Dutta, directed by Jay Krishna. Do like share and subscribe to our channel. 

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Stop Before Its Too Late | Teaser Frame | 2017 | Digital Infotainment

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After a long while, and a lot of hard work. We here at Digital Infotainment, are finally happy to share with you all our most anticipated project, 'Stop Before Its Too Late'. Releasing on 17th of July 2017. We have worked very hard on this project and hope you all like it. Please Like, Share and Subscribe to our channel for future updates. Also don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter. 

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P.S: Here is a teaser frame from the film. 

On The Line by Jay Krishna | Cottonian Magazine | 2017 | Digital Infotainment

On the Line.

By Jay Krishna

Why is it that we feel shy to talk to someone in person, but feel free to do so when we are online? Fear, withdrawal and the feeling of not being able to connect, pricks us in the back of our head's. Why is it, that even after having the person standing right in front of us, we can't make a sound? Thoughts expressed in words, not through verbal feedback, but a medium of text, that too adieu pen and paper. Why is it, we choose to replicate ourselves, by creating a false impersonation, which feeds on us 24x7, ignoring the reality which is in front of us, for a virtual one, a surrogate if u may? Have we become so caught up in this world of digitization, that the basic human emotions and feelings that makes us humane, can only be expressed in 0's and 1's? I hope not.

01:07 AM 21 May.
Bed creeks. It's been a long day, Ajay was finally in bed, he took out his phone and posted a status "A long day, had loads of fun, now feeling tired"; he then began going through the news feed. After checking his notifications, liking and commenting on a few posts, he was finally about to finish his day, when; a pop-up appears on the screen. He clicked on it and found it to be a friend request from a GIRL. A bit surprised, he accepted the friend request. Minutes later, a message came in.
Richa: "Thank you for accepting the request :)".
Ajay was a bit cynical, as to why a girl was thanking him, that too for just accepting a friend request. But he replied back.
Ajay: "Sure, no prob".
After a while, another message came in.
Richa: "If you don't mind, I would like to be your friend".
Ajay thought for a minute, and without caring much, agreed to the proposal. They had a small chat, after which Ajay went to bed. Thinking about what had just happened.

09:15 A.M 22 May.
The next day Ajay was woken up by his mother's calling, him for breakfast.
Maa : "Ajay Beta, get up! You will be late for school". He woke up and peeped at his phone, it had a message.
Richa : "Good Morning :)", Ajay too replied.
Ajay: "Good Morning".
He went to take a shower and sat in to have breakfast. His phone beeps.
Richa: "Had breakfast?"
Ajay: "About to.. u?"
Richa: "Having Maggi :)".
Ajay: "It seems you like it :)".
They had a casual conversation, after which Ajay was reminded by his mom that he was getting late for school. He switched off his phone, strapped his bag and left.  
2:00 P.M.
Ajay had returned from school, He was tired and was searching for his mother. But she seemed nowhere to be found. He went to the kitchen, where he found a note stick to the fridge.

"Dear Ajay, have gone to the market to get some groceries. Lunch is in the fridge, if you need anything, call me.

                                                                                                                                                             Love Maa"

We Are Changing!! | 2017 | Digital Infotainment

Change is something which is inevitable. From the moment we are perceived to the moment we lay rest, we are constantly in a state of never ending change, and with this change brings progress. We here at Digital Infotainment are happy to embrace this change and continue providing to you all, new and very exciting Digital Information and Media content. Presenting the 2017 theme of Digital Infotainment. 

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After a lot of suggestion and feedback, we would like to introduce to you all to our new channel trailer: Pls Like, Share and Subscribe to our channel. For more videos and updates follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Day 1 | Stop! Before it's too late | Digital Infotainment | 2017

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So after giving much thought we have finally started working on our brand new project 'Stop! Before it's too late' featuring renowned actor Nilim Dutta. We have taken a period of 2 weeks to complete the project, and will most probably be releasing the new film by mid of April, 2017. We hope you all enjoy it very much. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel: Digital Infotainment to get instant updates on our upcoming projects and events. Also like us on facebook and twitter. :) 

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We're Back! :) | New Project | Digital Infotainment

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After a long break and much thinking, we have finally come up with a brand new concept for a brand new film, and for this film, we are gonna provide you with sneak peaks and a making of the film video as well :D, post the release of the film ;). So stay tuned and subscribe to Digital Infotainment. Also don't forget to like us on facebook and twitter to get instant updates on our upcoming projects and events.

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'The Highway (Some Roads Should Never be Taken)' By Jay Krishna | Highway | Digital Infotainment

The Highway
Some roads should never be taken.

§  By Jay Krishna

9:36 A.M
Jessica was doing a final check, to see if she had packed everything for the trip. The summer vacations had just begun, she and her friends Sneha, Vivek, Rohan and Abhi were very excited for their visit to Leh. Vivek honked the car. Jessica "Be there in a minute". "I just can't understand these girls; they are never ready on time" muttered Rohan. Meanwhile Vivek started playing his favourite song 'Highway to Hell' by AC/DC on the cassette player. Rohan "Check this out man! All packed for the trip", showing the stack of beer he had purchased. Jessica came rushing, "Sorry guys!", when she saw Rohan with the beers "You guys can never change, can you?". Vivek "What's there to change? we are men, save water drink beer, that's our moto". Jessica nods her head in dismay. Sneha "Just ignore them Jessica, or else they will start giving you a lecture on the benefits of beer". Abhi saw Jessica enter the car and waved silently. Rohan "Oh ho! Abhi Babu, what happened? Won't you say Hi to your beloved Jessica". "What the crap are you saying?" Abhi shouted. Vivek "Just relax Abhi, Rohan keep quiet, we haven't even started yet, so are you guys ready?". Everyone nodded in agreement. Vivek "So let's go!". Vivek started the engine and they were off. Jessica took out her headphones and started to listen to her mp3's, while Sneha and Rohan were discussing about what they were going to do when they get there. While Abhi kept silent the whole time, admiring the view and Jessica in between.
12:15 P.M
Vivek stopped by at a dhaba. Jessica accompanied Sneha to the wash room. Rohan, "Shall I join you guys?". Abhi, "Rohan what are you saying? Are you mad?". "Just relax bro! I was just joking" replied Rohan. Abhi "I don't like these kind of jokes". Vivek, "Just relax Abhi he was just joking". On hearing Vivek, Abhi quieted down. "Well it would be better if we had lunch here, the next stop is not for another 3 hours" said Vivek. They got themselves a table, meanwhile the girls had arrived. Sneha "So what are we having?".  "Hey Vivek! Wanna open a couple of beers?" asked Rohan. "Sure! Why not" replied Vivek. They all had their lunch and made on their way.
Sneha "Vivek I think you should let Abhi drive the car". "What are you saying? I only had a couple of beers, Im totally fine" answered Vivek. Meanwhile Abhi and Jessica were having a chat. Vivek got in the car and they all followed suit. Rohan started bursting the stereo with his MP3's. Sneha, "Rohan can you please turn off the music, my ears are gonna bleed after some time". "Don't be such a wuss", replied Rohan, increasing the volume further. Abhi and Jessica too joined Sneha in the dispute. Meanwhile Vivek was enjoying the scene. It seemed everyone was having a swell time together. While fighting over the volume Abhi saw an old man waving them to stop, Abhi told Vivek to stop the car, but Vivek was in a world of his own.  80, 90,100 touched the speedometer when all of a sudden, they heard a sound, there was silence the next minute.
01:13 P.M
Abhi opened his eyes. He could see the clear blue sky. He wasn't aware what had just happened, His body felt numb. Slowly he started gaining conscience, pain surged through his whole body. He started crying. He looked around and saw Sneha beside him, shrieking in pain. He wanted to get close to her but couldn't. He slowly moved his head around and saw Rohan pinned to the car door. He mumbled out his name, but there was no response. Then he remembered about Jessica, he looked around hard as he could but wasn't able to find her anywhere. One by one people started to appear at the scene. Abhi shouted out to them for help, but no-one could hear him. He again looked at Sneha, but she had already left them. He kept shouting and crying, but not a single person came forward to help him and his friends. After almost an hour, Abhi could see some people rush towards him. They picked him up and started rushing him towards the van. On his way, he could he finally spot Jessica. She was there, lying on the ground. She had her eyes closed. Abhi started calling her name. The onlookers watched him, but weren't able to make out what he was trying to say. Abhi kept shouting to Jessica, she seemed so peaceful. He wasn't able to spot any bruises, but she was not moving at the same time. He had a look at all of them, when the doors were finally closed.

*The following story is based on a true incident which occurred earlier this year. My heart goes out to the families of the victims. Please don’t drink and drive.. Nor let anyone else to..

"The above story is based on a true incident which occurred earlier this year. The story is written without intent to disrespect any person living or dead. Please LIKE the post and share, it is your encouragement that keeps us going. If you want the author to write more such stories, then please leave a comment below and let us know.".

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Happy Valentine's Day | 2017 | Digital Infotainment

Digital Infotainment Wishes Everyone a Very Happy Valentine's Day. May the Season of Love bring you Lots of Happiness.. :)

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'Often Questionable' By Monisha Das | Digital Infotainment

Often Questionable.

By Monisha Das.

Monalisa Di: “Hi! How are you?”.

Me: “Hello Di! You here, am good”.

Monalisha Di: “Yes, had some work. So, what major are you in?”.

Me: “Psychology”.

Monalisha Di: “Whoa! So you can tell me everything by looking at my face, right? Tell me what am I thinking right now?”.

Me smiling with no answer in return.

Well, what else would you even expect me to say, at that very moment other than just smile for no apparent reason whatsoever. Not do just one or two people ask me or my friends, but often everyone does, when they hear about what background I am from. Only a psychology student can understand the reason for my uncanny smile.

Being a candidate of psychology. I would like to clear up one thing that most people have a misconception of. Human beings have not got the super natural powers yet, to determine and say what the other person is thinking without his/her knowledge or without communicating with the individual directly. Studying psychology does not mean that! It means a lot, from different perspectives. Psychology has many different motives other than the misconception of revealing things on spot without any knowledge of the individual. In fact, the thing is every human being can study people after observing the person’s behaviour(pattern). The type of words or sentences the person speaks, which is linked to how optimistic he or she is towards the perspective etc.
The word psychology is derived from the Greek word ‘roots’ meaning study of the psyche, or soul and ‘logia’(logy) meaning ‘study of’ or ‘research’. Psychology which is the study of behaviour and mind, embracing all aspects of the conscious and unconscious experience as well as thought as an academic discipline and social science which seeks to understand the individuals and groups by establishing general principles and research specific people, on the other hand, often misunderstood the concept of reading mind, omitting the behavioural part that comes former and links up with the mind and they end up thinking it is the look at the face and things only.

Though through observation during conversation, one can identify the mood, personality, following the body language as an indicating factor of how truthful the other person is being, able to focus, become attentive on a particular task. One important thing is to understand people’s moods, depends upon the body language, how the other person shows; whether the particular person has a ‘Closed hand posture’ or a ‘Open hand posture’, backward or forward body posture and so on.

Psychology is a science like physics, chemistry or biology, because they all employ the scientific method. Scientist employ a certain philosophy towards the entire issue of learning about nature. In fact, this philosophy starts with the way scientists try to conceptuate nature”.

Statistically speaking, Psychology has no exact value in return, unlike Physics, measuring human behaviour isn’t really as easy as measuring the speed of light. Most behaviours are assumed, predictable according to the environment in which the study is conducted, during measurement of human behaviour, rather than extracting and identifying a specific human behaviour in one person and generalising it as an outcome regarding to a situation for all different individuals; in Psychology, it is very important that there are individual differences and therefore people exist with different personalities. There are two personalities, although there are three to be counted:

1.    Introvert: Introvert personality consist of traits like timid, less confident towards public speaking, calm.

2.  Extrovert: Extrovert personality refers to the traits like open minded, confident and expressive nature.

3.  Ambivert: Ambivert personality in other words, include both introvert and extrovert personalities. This means people are introvert and extrovert, referring to different situations faced in life.

Well in my case, to be frank, I am an Ambivert personality, for which I find dealing with situations according to the need of being quiet in one and become exposed on the other hand in nature.
In my opinion, it isn’t a big deal, if we possess both the personalities, being an Ambivert myself. It helps to handle situations intellectually, regarding different environments rather than only one for self, during self-realization and working on a particular thing effectively. Furthermore, keeping aside the ego thing for a while to learn things in life, evaluate and express in nature.

"The above article is written by Monisha Das of Handique Girls College Guwahati. The main topic of discussion is Psychology and how a few have a wrong perception of the same. The article walks around her experience as a student of Psychology and certain situations she has faced. The article is well written and contains insights of the author. If you found this article to be entertaining or useful, then please LIKE the post and share. It is your encouragement that keeps us going :). If you want the author to write more such articles, then please leave a comment below and let us know.".

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NOD the flow | Short Film | Brahmaputra | Digital Infotainment

Hello Everyone! We here at Digital Infotainment, are happy to share with you all our second short film 'NOD the flow'. Taking the mighty Brahmaputra river as a relevance for our story, we have created a unique blend of Love, Trust, Friendship, Hope and Life. It's a one of a kind venture and we hope you all enjoy it. Please subscribe to our channel for more awesome videos :)

Relevance with the river:

*Life goes on, just like the flow of the river.
*In life there are many ups and downs just like the river.
*Friendship is the embankment which supports this flow.

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Happy Republic Day | 68th Republic Day | India | Digital Infotainment

Digital Infotainment Wishes Everyone A Very Happy Republic Day !! Jai Hind..

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6th Jeevan Kite Festival | Brahmaputra Campaign Carnival | 2017 | Digital Infotainment

Jeevan Kite Festival is a yearly kite festival organised by the Brahmaputra campaign carnival to promote and develop awareness against the current state of affairs regarding the mighty Brahmaputra. The following shots are glimpses of the festival. Please like share and subscribe to our channel to enjoy more videos :).

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Digital Infotainment Wishes Everyone a Very Happy 'Bhogali Bihu' / Bhogali Bihu / 2017 / Digital Infotainment

ডিজিটেল ইন্ফোটেইনমেন্টৰ তৰফৰ পৰা সমূহ অসমবাসী ৰাইজলৈ ভোগালী বিহুৰ হিয়াভৰা শুভেচ্ছা জনালো...
'Digital Infotainment Wishes Everyone a Very Happy Bhogali Bihu..'

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'In Search' by Jay Krishna | Short Film | 2017 | Digital Infotainment

'In Search' is a one of a kind short film from the production house of Digital Infotainment by it's founder Jay Krishna. It's about  appreciating the gift of life. We all, at some point in our life, face difficulties, which makes us to think that, this is the end, when actually it's not. The story walks around the protagonist of our film Kunal, who is a young boy suffering from an inferiority complex, due to his over weight. He is planning to end his life when, a turning point appears before him, which makes him rethink his decision. What is that turning point, well to know that you have to watch the film. ;)
Hope You Enjoy, Please leave your comments and suggestions. Thank You. 

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'In Search' a Short Film by Jay Krishna | Digital Infotainment

Hi Everyone!! We here at Digital Infotainment are happy to share with you all, a snippet of our very first short film 'In Search' releasing on 4th of Jan 2017. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel: to get insights on the making of the film. Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get updates on future projects and events. :) Click here to watch the film:

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'Journal Writing' By Monisha Das | Digital Infotainment

Journal Writing
By Monisha Das

Yes! It was Anne Frank, the 13 year old girl, who implied that "Paper has a greater patience than human values". It is the holy sole truth that is does and the very one will know it better, who feels the beginning of their heart beating, feeling complete, like when one rejuvenates from the blood flowing into their veins and arteries and then all over the body to live for life, akin to when they hold a pen and jot down anything of their thoughts, hopes, views dreams, desires, plans, decisions etc.. Over a sheet of paper. Journal writing has a very significant value in life. When one wills for a trial towards writing, the one will then be clicked with the idea, how truly it is.
                Don't you really think to let your view point be traced by the world in need or may be your family to come to terms when they are unaware of your inner strength towards something when you generally speak and which you know it is and mainly your family don't?
                Probably it would be the best idea then to jot down everything and leave a simple note behind their sleeping pillow in the morning and still when they are sleeping and you are out for a morning stroll surrounded by the nature around you. They find that first, when they do their morning bed and give importance then to your silly note! Even in other case, you write a simple word over a sheet of paper it could mean a lot. I really don't have an exact idea to which extent it is true, but is really felt by me. It is not only the way of expressing yourself but also the way of knowing yourself better, discovering yourself by jotting down your strengths, weaknesses and keeping yourself up-to-date with things you are good at, the things you have completed, you need to work out, wanted to complete badly, hoping for a great opportunity, you would just like to grab however, which you couldn't finish on time, due to certain personal causes or circumstances and how you plan for your life further. Even criticizing someone over your paper would be better than in person unless you want to spoil your friendship or partnership with them, for certain causes.
Writing in a journal or a diary gives you the power of perspective. Revisiting past times and selves will help you to realize that day-to-day life changes so much and you have too. It is a way to say what you wouldn't have otherwise said. Some of us have a lot of rattle around our brains, the release of a journal not only can be therapeutic, but it can also be life saving. The best thing of all is that, it is  productive way to spend your free time, by having it as an open option, you can sit down and be quiet or listen to the famous music you love and just be.
                Writing in a journal mainly is an excuse to be creative. The space can be used in any way you choose, whether to write a daily account, doodle something you saw on the bus, park, sick moment, or write lists of things you want to do this weekend. Having creative outlets is good for you, it is something that is privately yours, having a secret or a place like this can be freeing, you relieve your stress and simplify your life with the help of writing.
                Benefits of writing that follow-For starters, One feels empowered, improves writing skill, tends to be able to solve personal problems or issues, also solve work and family related issues, the main thing to learn is your own values. Finding your place in the universe, help get in tune with your own wisdom, understanding your fears and passions, becoming more intuitive. The thing is that, to let yourself move forward in life and to build self esteem. I would  like to suggest, probably everyone should throw themselves at least once into writing.
Humans are social beings; they tend to live within their groups, customs, cultures and religions including their norms, and on the other hand, a sheet of paper is such a thing that encourages you and that enlightens your inner strength to live within it, when you are as you are, and want, what you really want to be, relaxing yourself around the nature, as though you are free from humans. For a way to bring your friend and make her sit beside you for your story of life, that you only want to share with her, you must keep in mind that she is understandable, trustable at first and later when you continue and go on with your flow, you will see, at one point of time, she will become restless, irritable, will want you to stop this way or that, but when you open up a new beautiful page to write on it and you begin with  it gradually, your thoughts, hopes, desires, anything and everything that will comes into your brain, will become a wonderful outlet, contiguously through your writing and you go on with your flow, a new page for every new chapter you begin, and you see how patient this holy sheet of paper really can be, makes you feel fresh every time you write on, never complaints or ever will want you to stop amidst, like a mother, whose love for her child is endless and that grows ever young for every new second, who never complains for any battle she faces in life, no matter what or how she will go on and on....

"The above article is written by Monisha Das of Handique Girls College Guwahati. The article walks around her experience in Journal Writing and what are the benefits derived from it. The article is well written and contains insights of the author. If you found this article to be entertaining or useful, then please LIKE the post and share. It is your encouragement that keeps us going :). If you want the author to write more such articles, then please leave a comment below and let us know.".

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