On The Line by Jay Krishna | Cottonian Magazine | 2017 | Digital Infotainment

On the Line.

By Jay Krishna

Why is it that we feel shy to talk to someone in person, but feel free to do so when we are online? Fear, withdrawal and the feeling of not being able to connect, pricks us in the back of our head's. Why is it, that even after having the person standing right in front of us, we can't make a sound? Thoughts expressed in words, not through verbal feedback, but a medium of text, that too adieu pen and paper. Why is it, we choose to replicate ourselves, by creating a false impersonation, which feeds on us 24x7, ignoring the reality which is in front of us, for a virtual one, a surrogate if u may? Have we become so caught up in this world of digitization, that the basic human emotions and feelings that makes us humane, can only be expressed in 0's and 1's? I hope not.

01:07 AM 21 May.
Bed creeks. It's been a long day, Ajay was finally in bed, he took out his phone and posted a status "A long day, had loads of fun, now feeling tired"; he then began going through the news feed. After checking his notifications, liking and commenting on a few posts, he was finally about to finish his day, when; a pop-up appears on the screen. He clicked on it and found it to be a friend request from a GIRL. A bit surprised, he accepted the friend request. Minutes later, a message came in.
Richa: "Thank you for accepting the request :)".
Ajay was a bit cynical, as to why a girl was thanking him, that too for just accepting a friend request. But he replied back.
Ajay: "Sure, no prob".
After a while, another message came in.
Richa: "If you don't mind, I would like to be your friend".
Ajay thought for a minute, and without caring much, agreed to the proposal. They had a small chat, after which Ajay went to bed. Thinking about what had just happened.

09:15 A.M 22 May.
The next day Ajay was woken up by his mother's calling, him for breakfast.
Maa : "Ajay Beta, get up! You will be late for school". He woke up and peeped at his phone, it had a message.
Richa : "Good Morning :)", Ajay too replied.
Ajay: "Good Morning".
He went to take a shower and sat in to have breakfast. His phone beeps.
Richa: "Had breakfast?"
Ajay: "About to.. u?"
Richa: "Having Maggi :)".
Ajay: "It seems you like it :)".
They had a casual conversation, after which Ajay was reminded by his mom that he was getting late for school. He switched off his phone, strapped his bag and left.  
2:00 P.M.
Ajay had returned from school, He was tired and was searching for his mother. But she seemed nowhere to be found. He went to the kitchen, where he found a note stick to the fridge.

"Dear Ajay, have gone to the market to get some groceries. Lunch is in the fridge, if you need anything, call me.

                                                                                                                                                             Love Maa"