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Hey guys, its going to be almost a month now since I purchased the MacBook Pro 13 inch 2017, and as I promised, here is a comprehensive review of the new MacBook Pro 13 inch 2017 from Apple. Im just going to mention the things that I liked and didn't like about the device. As the specs and rest of the details I had mentioned in my earlier review.

1. Memory: As I am a first time apple user, some of the concepts of how Apple manages and utilises its memory(Both RAM and HDD) was new to me. And this is the part that I found quite annoying about the device. The HDD of the comp is divided in sections(System,Applications,Media,Others and Purgeable), and it is this purgeable concept that keeps getting in my way. The files which are loaded into the machine are not deleted even after you remove them from the trash can. It stays in a special memory location which is inaccessible to the user. moreover Mac OS stores a lot of the stuff you do as caches in the memory, which in the long run consumes a lot of the computers memory. and this can get frustrating as apple limits the memory capacity of your device by the model your choosing, and the max storage capacity which u can get for the device is also 512 gigs.

2. The OS, Being a long time windows user, using Mac OS is really very intuitive. But on the contrary, it has some drawbacks of its own. I will list some of them for you which I experienced myself.

a. Boot up time.: Although the new MacBook Pros come with the fastest SSD money can buy. The boot-up time from my experience is a little slower compared to a windows 10 PC of similar spec.

b. No option to install the OS manually. And this is a hard one. If you want to hard reset your device, you first need to create a backup of your device and then do a hard reset by going into the bios. After which the OS is installed by connecting your device to the internet. And if you have a slow net connection like I do. Believe me it takes like forever. When I formatted my device, I was not able to install the OS even after trying for more than 10 times. The end of which I went to the Apple service centre and got it done. Mac OS installation is free of charge, there are some service centre that try to cheat customers by charging a hefty amount, so beware.