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Moving By.

By Jay Krishna

Looking through the window, to gaze at the starry night.
Twinkling dew drops, natures bestowal elite.
A great big blanket, covering the endless sky,
That can bring smile on one's face, overnight.
The trees, the meadows, the whispering breeze.
The slow moving clouds, covering the moon, what a bliss.
The bright moon light, lighting the road,
Side by side, covering rows of greenwood.
The whistling cricket, making it's chirping noise,
Rather different, but really fine.
The standstill owl, with its big round eyes,
Looking left and right, at the one's passing by.
The white mist covering the forest floor,
Quite uncanny; really divine.
The coo of the nightingale, from all its heart,
Brings the magic of nature, even more apart.
Moving with nature, by my side,
casting it's shadow, with a blissful eye.
A gift that can't be measured in rain,
But only be felt, and experienced in gay.
The beauty of nature, not bound by any bar
Is outpouring tonight, in limitless part.
Though this night may have its end,
Yet there are many nights to come.
For a thing of beauty, is a joy forever.

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