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The following is a paragraph from a book I am working on, which is about certain events which occurred during the course of my life, and I’d like to make it very clear from the very beginning that, this is not a tragedy based melodrama. Where the boy doesn’t get the girl, spends his time in isolation and all that crap!

This book is an outlook into the lessons of life, who is the best teacher that one can ask for. Teachers can teach us how to progress towards life, but it is only life that teaches us, how to live. Life teaches us many lessons, some are temporary and some aren't. During our stay on this earth and the course of our stay. There are many positive as well as negative outcomes. It depends upon us, what we choose, whether we want to live with the positive or remain with the negative. Our choices decide the course of our life, even luck has a favorable consequence in it.

Happy Birthday!
By Jay Krishna

/*Please see part 1 for  preface and start of  story.*/

Summer of May 2013.

Mom: "How can you be so careless?"
Me: (blabbering) "I don’t know!"
I asked, if she had one? She did, but it was blue. You had to use a black pen to write in the form. And I thought, what a stupid rule. What the hell is the difference between a black and a blue pen? It was not like I was going to make a fine work of art or write a thesis. This made me angry, but rules are rules, and must be followed. My mom told me to go and ask someone. I noticed a guy at some ten step distance from my seat. He was wearing a blue denim, on top of which he wore a yellow tee and white shoes, quite an unusual combo. His physical appearance was quite simple, which created an impression for me that he maybe approachable. I walked up to him. And yes it was my friend Gunjan, the first mate I talked to when I was in college.

Me: "Excuse me!"

Gunjan: "Yes?"

Me: "May I Borrow your pen, the document says that you need a black one and I only seem to have blue?"

Gunjan: "Sorry, but I don’t have one".

Me: "Please, I will return it soon".

Gunjan: "But, I don’t have one."

Me: "Well… It’s ok then."

Approachable my ass! What a miser, couldn’t even lend me a pen. Earlier I saw him writing on a piece of paper with something, and I was sure that it was a pen. I was not in a habit of spelling out foul words for nothing, but sometimes, when my temper reaches a favourable pitch, I lose control, and blabber more than I should. But I try to control myself as much as I can and avoid such situations. Anyways it was not much of a big deal. So I walked back to my seat and told mom, that he didn’t have a one. My mom went out and got one for me.
During that time, my dad was posted in Silchar, so it was just mom and me. I had a younger brother, but he had school, so he couldn’t join us.
While I lay sit, the names of the students started being called, who got selected into the institution. The lady called out the name, but I didn’t hear it, or maybe I wasn’t paying much attention. I think the second option is most likely, as when my name was called, I knew it the very instant. Meanwhile as I was saying, she announced the name on the microphone and a huge guy walked up to her, with someone along with him, I guess it was his father. For a while I thought, he must be a very smart guy, to get his name called, at the very beginning, but later on I got to know him better in class, he was just the same, cracking dirty jokes and bolstering about himself, and here I introduce my second best friend Kunal, who was always by my side in all of my wild ideas. I stayed there, waiting and then suddenly…

Mom: "Jay come and help us".

Me: "Coming!"

Hey! Wait a sec, it seems I drifted far off topic. Well I will tell about what happened next and my conversation with Gunjan. But first I got to go help mom and the others.

Me: "Mom, you called? "

Mom: "Yes, help us in cleaning this place."

Me: "Ok, this goes here, that goes there", tick-tock, tick-tock. And done!

Ok Guys! I’m back, so where was I? Umhh... Right! A message popped up on my screen. Or was it? Oh wait yeah! As I was saying.

I stayed there waiting, when suddenly someone called out my name. I looked around, but couldn’t figure out, who it was, then my mom called.

Mom: "Hey! Go up to the stage".

Me: "What?"

Mom: "Go! They called your name."

Me: "Really?"

Mom: "Yeah! Go now."

Me: "Wow! Ok."

I couldn’t believe it. I felt very happy, knowing that I was one of the top scorers to be selected. I got up to the stage, filled out all the formalities and returned with my college ID. I also searched for the huge guy, who I saw earlier aka Kunal :P, but he was not there, it seemed, he got down already. Long story short I got myself into the institute. Hurray!! And now about my conversation with Gunjan.

Gunjan: "Happy B’day Beh!"

Me: "Thanks Beh!"

The word Beh was used by us to create a sense of homeliness in our conversations. We also used the word Reh. It seemed only the goat’s sound meh was left out. And then I Thought, we human beings are also like goats constantly meh mehhing, on the phone, on the net or with someone else on the ground. Ha Ha :D.

Gunjan: "So, how was the party?"

Me: "It was good!"

Earlier that day, I had given a huge party to my friends, having nonstop fun both at Domino's and KFC consecutively.

Gunjan: "So, coming to college tomorrow?"

Me: "Yup!"

Gunjan: "Okay, well will be seeing u in college then, Good Nite bro! ;)"

Me: "Yeah, Good Night!"

And with this, my 17th Birthday ended on happy note!! :D

Happy Birthday Jay!! ;)

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