Canon 70D Demo Reel with Canon 55-250mm | Canon 55-250mm lens | Digital ...

The following video has been shot using the Canon 70D with the Canon 55-250mm STM lens. The video has been shot in raw and color graded using after effects. This is an experimental project, to show you the quality of video achievable from the Canon 70D. Currently the 70D has become obsolete and is followed by its successor the Canon 80D. But the quality of video is almost the same. So if your planning to buy a new camera I suggest you to go for the Canon 70D, due to it's reduced price and similar performance. But if you want extra features like time-lapse, a higher frame rate of 60fps, and better megapixels, then it's better to go for the 80D. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. :)

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