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The Highway
Some roads should never be taken.

§  By Jay Krishna

9:36 A.M
Jessica was doing a final check, to see if she had packed everything for the trip. The summer vacations had just begun, she and her friends Sneha, Vivek, Rohan and Abhi were very excited for their visit to Leh. Vivek honked the car. Jessica "Be there in a minute". "I just can't understand these girls; they are never ready on time" muttered Rohan. Meanwhile Vivek started playing his favourite song 'Highway to Hell' by AC/DC on the cassette player. Rohan "Check this out man! All packed for the trip", showing the stack of beer he had purchased. Jessica came rushing, "Sorry guys!", when she saw Rohan with the beers "You guys can never change, can you?". Vivek "What's there to change? we are men, save water drink beer, that's our moto". Jessica nods her head in dismay. Sneha "Just ignore them Jessica, or else they will start giving you a lecture on the benefits of beer". Abhi saw Jessica enter the car and waved silently. Rohan "Oh ho! Abhi Babu, what happened? Won't you say Hi to your beloved Jessica". "What the crap are you saying?" Abhi shouted. Vivek "Just relax Abhi, Rohan keep quiet, we haven't even started yet, so are you guys ready?". Everyone nodded in agreement. Vivek "So let's go!". Vivek started the engine and they were off. Jessica took out her headphones and started to listen to her mp3's, while Sneha and Rohan were discussing about what they were going to do when they get there. While Abhi kept silent the whole time, admiring the view and Jessica in between.
12:15 P.M
Vivek stopped by at a dhaba. Jessica accompanied Sneha to the wash room. Rohan, "Shall I join you guys?". Abhi, "Rohan what are you saying? Are you mad?". "Just relax bro! I was just joking" replied Rohan. Abhi "I don't like these kind of jokes". Vivek, "Just relax Abhi he was just joking". On hearing Vivek, Abhi quieted down. "Well it would be better if we had lunch here, the next stop is not for another 3 hours" said Vivek. They got themselves a table, meanwhile the girls had arrived. Sneha "So what are we having?".  "Hey Vivek! Wanna open a couple of beers?" asked Rohan. "Sure! Why not" replied Vivek. They all had their lunch and made on their way.
Sneha "Vivek I think you should let Abhi drive the car". "What are you saying? I only had a couple of beers, Im totally fine" answered Vivek. Meanwhile Abhi and Jessica were having a chat. Vivek got in the car and they all followed suit. Rohan started bursting the stereo with his MP3's. Sneha, "Rohan can you please turn off the music, my ears are gonna bleed after some time". "Don't be such a wuss", replied Rohan, increasing the volume further. Abhi and Jessica too joined Sneha in the dispute. Meanwhile Vivek was enjoying the scene. It seemed everyone was having a swell time together. While fighting over the volume Abhi saw an old man waving them to stop, Abhi told Vivek to stop the car, but Vivek was in a world of his own.  80, 90,100 touched the speedometer when all of a sudden, they heard a sound, there was silence the next minute.
01:13 P.M
Abhi opened his eyes. He could see the clear blue sky. He wasn't aware what had just happened, His body felt numb. Slowly he started gaining conscience, pain surged through his whole body. He started crying. He looked around and saw Sneha beside him, shrieking in pain. He wanted to get close to her but couldn't. He slowly moved his head around and saw Rohan pinned to the car door. He mumbled out his name, but there was no response. Then he remembered about Jessica, he looked around hard as he could but wasn't able to find her anywhere. One by one people started to appear at the scene. Abhi shouted out to them for help, but no-one could hear him. He again looked at Sneha, but she had already left them. He kept shouting and crying, but not a single person came forward to help him and his friends. After almost an hour, Abhi could see some people rush towards him. They picked him up and started rushing him towards the van. On his way, he could he finally spot Jessica. She was there, lying on the ground. She had her eyes closed. Abhi started calling her name. The onlookers watched him, but weren't able to make out what he was trying to say. Abhi kept shouting to Jessica, she seemed so peaceful. He wasn't able to spot any bruises, but she was not moving at the same time. He had a look at all of them, when the doors were finally closed.

*The following story is based on a true incident which occurred earlier this year. My heart goes out to the families of the victims. Please don’t drink and drive.. Nor let anyone else to..

"The above story is based on a true incident which occurred earlier this year. The story is written without intent to disrespect any person living or dead. Please LIKE the post and share, it is your encouragement that keeps us going. If you want the author to write more such stories, then please leave a comment below and let us know.".

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