We Won! | CortoCines Short Film Competition | Guwahati University | 2018 | Digital Infotainment

Hi Everyone!

We here at Digital Infotainment would just like to say that our film 'Stop Before It's Too Late' has been able to bag the 2nd Prize, in the Guwahati University organised, CortoCines Short Film Competition this year. This is a one of a kind achievement for us, encouraging us towards the goal of creating more interactive and informative content for you all. We will start the production on a couple of more titles we have planned, beginning in June, and will try to release one film every month. So stay tuned and spread the love. 😄 

With Best Wishes,
The Digital Infotainment Team.

'Sati' by Jay Krishna | Sati Radhika | Mahapurusha Srimanta Sankardeva | Koibartas | 2018 | Digital Infotainment

A Story of Trust, Belief and Faith.

By Jay Krishna Das

Adaptation based on Sakrapani Boiragi. The flow of the river in Tembuwani from the Mighty Brahmaputra destroyed the crops and livelihood of the locals living there. This disrupted the lives of the people, who faced a lot of torment in the hands of the river. Then Ketai Kha, Bura Kha, Ram Kha, Gabhoru Kha, Sriram Kha, Haram Kha, Rup Kha, Biram Kha, Shrihori Kha, and all the renowned Borbhuyan’s gathered and devised a plan to construct a dam to block the flow of the river. For the initiative, they started gathering skilled work force from the South, all the way from Samdhara to Kopilimukh. And from the North, from Routa to Hinguri. After everyone had gathered, they began the work. They tried their level best to obstruct the flow of the river. But it was too much for loosely packed embankment to handle, and it eventually gave away, to the force of the river. This continued for a couple of times. But each time they were bound to face defeat. 
After experiencing repeated failure of being unable to block the flow of the river. A committee was set up and Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardeva was invited as the guest of honour. Mahendra Kundoli, Ananta Kundali, Govinda Mishra, Ara Mishra, Gora Mishra, Chadra Saraswasti, Ram Saraswati, Sandhi Saraswati, Thengal Saraswati, Bagi Bhattacharjya, Hori Bhattacharjya, Tarka Bagikh, Bhanu Bagikh, Kobiratna, Bidyaratna, Hemratna, Pancharatna, Chandrakhori, Surjyakhori, Bijoykhori, Ratnakhori, Ratna Bharati and many renowned Pandits were also invited to share their views.

Srimanta Sankardeva being the host of the event, shared his view and told everyone present, that when and only when they’re able to find a woman, who is Sati (One who is pure) only then that they would be able to construct an embankment on the river. All the married couples responded by saying that their wives were Sati and that they would be able to help them. Seeing everyone’s claim about their wives. Srimanta Sankardeva gave them a task, and instructed them to go home and tell their wives that, only the one who is able to collect water from the river Brahmaputra with a Polo (A sort of basket made of bamboo), can prove herself of being Sati. 
Reaching home each man told his wife regarding the misfortune they were facing and that only a woman who is Sati, can help them in their ordeal. Each of their wives responded by boastfully claiming their right of being Sati, and set out to complete the task given to them. But none were able to do it. They exclaimed that it was impossible to bring water in a polo. Being disheartened all the men returned the very next day, and showed grimace of their claims about their wives, and how they reacted after being told about the task.
Seeing everyone’s utter disappointment. Srimanta Sankardev decided to tell them a tale from the Skondha Puran, of a king in Kalinga, who once had an immense headache, and was suffering badly, so much that he declared that whoever is be able to cure him would receive half of his kingdom as reward. Hearing this many renowned doctors from near and far gathered in the kingdom and provided their remedy to the king. But all went in vain and none were able to do anything.