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Journal Writing
By Monisha Das

Yes! It was Anne Frank, the 13 year old girl, who implied that "Paper has a greater patience than human values". It is the holy sole truth that is does and the very one will know it better, who feels the beginning of their heart beating, feeling complete, like when one rejuvenates from the blood flowing into their veins and arteries and then all over the body to live for life, akin to when they hold a pen and jot down anything of their thoughts, hopes, views dreams, desires, plans, decisions etc.. Over a sheet of paper. Journal writing has a very significant value in life. When one wills for a trial towards writing, the one will then be clicked with the idea, how truly it is.
                Don't you really think to let your view point be traced by the world in need or may be your family to come to terms when they are unaware of your inner strength towards something when you generally speak and which you know it is and mainly your family don't?
                Probably it would be the best idea then to jot down everything and leave a simple note behind their sleeping pillow in the morning and still when they are sleeping and you are out for a morning stroll surrounded by the nature around you. They find that first, when they do their morning bed and give importance then to your silly note! Even in other case, you write a simple word over a sheet of paper it could mean a lot. I really don't have an exact idea to which extent it is true, but is really felt by me. It is not only the way of expressing yourself but also the way of knowing yourself better, discovering yourself by jotting down your strengths, weaknesses and keeping yourself up-to-date with things you are good at, the things you have completed, you need to work out, wanted to complete badly, hoping for a great opportunity, you would just like to grab however, which you couldn't finish on time, due to certain personal causes or circumstances and how you plan for your life further. Even criticizing someone over your paper would be better than in person unless you want to spoil your friendship or partnership with them, for certain causes.
Writing in a journal or a diary gives you the power of perspective. Revisiting past times and selves will help you to realize that day-to-day life changes so much and you have too. It is a way to say what you wouldn't have otherwise said. Some of us have a lot of rattle around our brains, the release of a journal not only can be therapeutic, but it can also be life saving. The best thing of all is that, it is  productive way to spend your free time, by having it as an open option, you can sit down and be quiet or listen to the famous music you love and just be.
                Writing in a journal mainly is an excuse to be creative. The space can be used in any way you choose, whether to write a daily account, doodle something you saw on the bus, park, sick moment, or write lists of things you want to do this weekend. Having creative outlets is good for you, it is something that is privately yours, having a secret or a place like this can be freeing, you relieve your stress and simplify your life with the help of writing.
                Benefits of writing that follow-For starters, One feels empowered, improves writing skill, tends to be able to solve personal problems or issues, also solve work and family related issues, the main thing to learn is your own values. Finding your place in the universe, help get in tune with your own wisdom, understanding your fears and passions, becoming more intuitive. The thing is that, to let yourself move forward in life and to build self esteem. I would  like to suggest, probably everyone should throw themselves at least once into writing.
Humans are social beings; they tend to live within their groups, customs, cultures and religions including their norms, and on the other hand, a sheet of paper is such a thing that encourages you and that enlightens your inner strength to live within it, when you are as you are, and want, what you really want to be, relaxing yourself around the nature, as though you are free from humans. For a way to bring your friend and make her sit beside you for your story of life, that you only want to share with her, you must keep in mind that she is understandable, trustable at first and later when you continue and go on with your flow, you will see, at one point of time, she will become restless, irritable, will want you to stop this way or that, but when you open up a new beautiful page to write on it and you begin with  it gradually, your thoughts, hopes, desires, anything and everything that will comes into your brain, will become a wonderful outlet, contiguously through your writing and you go on with your flow, a new page for every new chapter you begin, and you see how patient this holy sheet of paper really can be, makes you feel fresh every time you write on, never complaints or ever will want you to stop amidst, like a mother, whose love for her child is endless and that grows ever young for every new second, who never complains for any battle she faces in life, no matter what or how she will go on and on....

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