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Welcome to Digital Infotainment! The Online Media Site! :) Digital Infotainment is an online events/news and media site. The sole purpose of creating this site is to let people enjoy and share quality news and media content. The content of the page are the sole copyrighted property of the author and cannot be used for any sort of illegal, abusing or threatening behavior. Only the textual content can be used, once modified according to ones wishes. The site was launched with a motive to connect people from all over the world to share their content using a platform which is both intuitive and fun.

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Jay Krishna

Maya Senji Das

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Pallavi Deka
Kunal Deka
Parag Medhi
Ankit Barman
Diganta Deka
Nilotpal Sahariah
Priyam Baruah
Karishmita Kashyap
Vijay Krishna
Nihal Thakuria

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1. No emails, comments or SMS should have any sort of abusive, threatening or foul means (including means of using other languages).

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4. The contents once published will stay on the site as long as the publisher wants.

5. Any unauthorized publication on the website will be removed and action will be taken on the publisher of such means. 

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