'Life Is What You Make Of It' By Jay Krishna | Digital Infotainment | Christmas Special

Life is What You Make of it.
By Jay Krishna

A Journey of mind and soul alike,
Walking in a path, undetermined.
Moving, going, racing ahead,
Not every end, has a meaning as said.
Bound by hope and not by hate,
Want of love, not ever too late.
Not happiness or grief but eternal peace;
Tears of happiness, trickles of joy.
Vanish amidst, in endless void.
Disappear the youth, disappear the sorrow,
Melt away, in endless morrow.
At last the body will lay and stay
Silent, remorse, burdened grey.
But beyond the grief, and beyond the pain,
We learn that life, a gift, venerate.
Life is what you make of it.