'Then And Now' By Jay Krishna | Digital Infotainment

Then and Now

By Jay Krishna

Time waits for no one, nor can one change time according to their will, what has already happened, cannot be changed. But with time many thing changes, and it is this change that makes us who we are. But too much change can also be a worry, as too much change can turn us into something, we aren't. I remember a time when I used to take notes from my classmates, by borrowing their notebooks or takes copies of the notes that I missed via Xerox. But that time has passed, now I don't need to take anyone's notebook, or make any copies of the notes that I missed. I just take snaps of them on my Smartphone, and study them later on my tab. When there's no electricity, it doesn't stop me, instead of lighting a candle, I just increase the brightness of the screen, without moving an inch. I don't know if it's right or wrong, to be like this. But with time, many things have changed. Earlier I used to take the school bus to school or go in the city bus with my friends to college. Share, laugh, talk with them, have a look around. Now I just take my scooter instead, like sitting in a boat, with 2 rows to row my way through. When I think about it, It feels rather strange. Most of the time, I'm either at the library or chatting with my friends through Facebook, instead of spending time with them, even if their around, a few walks away. Earlier if I had any doubts in class, I used to ask. But now, I don't have the need or don't need too, as all my questions are answered, via ask.com, or with the help of some other .com. I do miss the time, when I used to play with my friends, share my ideas, thoughts, not through sms, mms, or voicemail, but in person, not Facebook, but face to face. Share a handshake, get a hug, put our hands around each other's shoulders, not with the help of 3G, but in reality, like it should be. With the advancement in technology, life has become easier, but it has also reduced the emotional bond that people once used to share, emotions have become materialistic or mechanical. I may in a sense be called old fashioned by some, but it's better to be this way, then be lost in this black hole of greed and insensitivity, where one cares for no-one, but one's self, with the capability of doing multiple things at once, which often leaves people puzzled, perplexed and still. The joy of watching the sunset has been forgotten, by the big screens on the table. I just want to say, is this really, how life is lived. The last one year or so went by so fast, that at the blink of an eye, I was in 12th, and I remember very few moments of togetherness, which made me regret later. But the past is past, and it can never be changed, nor will it come back. But now I look forward to make my present memorable, by spending time with my friends, family and teachers as much as possible, so that I too may have memories to live for.  My request to the readers, is to take the time and try to enjoy life's subtler values, how it's meant to be enjoyed. Live life not like machines, but like humans. Reach out to others not by an sms or call, but just a visit, that's all. It is these small moments of fun and laughter, that bring true feeling of joy, in one. Mind searches materialistic things, but it's the heart that craves for emotional feelings.