'In Search' by Jay Krishna | Short Film | 2017 | Digital Infotainment

'In Search' is a one of a kind short film from the production house of Digital Infotainment by it's founder Jay Krishna. It's about  appreciating the gift of life. We all, at some point in our life, face difficulties, which makes us to think that, this is the end, when actually it's not. The story walks around the protagonist of our film Kunal, who is a young boy suffering from an inferiority complex, due to his over weight. He is planning to end his life when, a turning point appears before him, which makes him rethink his decision. What is that turning point, well to know that you have to watch the film. ;)
Hope You Enjoy, Please leave your comments and suggestions. Thank You. 

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The Digital Infotainment Team.

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