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Hey Guys, Jay here and Welcome to Digital Infotainment!! Today we are going to discuss about a matter which all of us are worth knowing especially for those of are working for YouTube, that is how you might get your YouTube account BANNED. For those who don't know what YouTube is. YouTube is an online video sharing website started in the year 2005. Since the time of launch and till date, it is one of the most popular video sharing platform available in the market. You will find loads of content ranging from how to do videos, funny pranks, tutorials and lots more. 

*So following are the key ways by which you can get your YouTube account BANNED.

1) By uploading objectionable content: As YouTube is under public domain. It is accessed by a wide range of users ranging from small kids to adults and elderly people. Any objectionable content which seems to cause discomfort or is considered not proper for a certain group of audience, can cause your video to be flagged(detained), and a strike in your account or even permanent closure of your service from YouTube.

2) Sub for Sub (also known as you follow me I follow you): According to YouTube's terms of service, you cannot follow a scheme in which you ask other YouTubers to subscribe to you channel in return for your own subscriptions to theirs. This is to ensure the quality of  content creators on YouTube and to please YouTube's valued advertisers, who want the best channels for their product to be marketed on.

3) By using bots or auto click software: YouTube had a strict policy on the use of bots and others click generation software to increase views on your YouTube videos. On finding out, YouTube bans such users from using their service.

4) Use of Cuss words or Slang: This is apparently a new rule put in YouTube's term of service. The use of any form of slang or cuss words especially on videos from which you are earning revenue. will cause your video to be flagged and a guideline strike to appear on your account.

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Here is a link to YouTube's terms of service :

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